Cherished Values

Kentucky Raceway Ministries
Statement of Cherished Values

The NFRM values the expression of solid, Biblical, evangelical doctrine and beliefs by those who become members and partner with the NFRM in the effort to minister to the racing community.

The NFRM values the local church and believes that each local Raceway Ministries group or entity, as well as each participating volunteer, should have strong ties to local congregations of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. The NFRM does not regard itself as a local church or denomination of churches, nor does it regard any local Raceway Ministries group as a local church.

The NFRM values the strength that is offered to everyone through mutual encouragement, prayer, assistance, support and celebration of what we have in common in Christ, which is the essence of fellowship.

The NFRM values the expression of a Christ-like, godly witness to raceway competitors, fans and personnel in every way and in all ways. This includes attitudes, dress, language, personal hygiene, restraint regarding use of alcohol, drugs and tobacco and any other aspect of outward behavior.

The NFRM values the Biblical, New Testament description of sexuality and family life – a household of male and female in a legal marital relationship.

The NFRM values the relationships that are established with the owners, managers, officers, promoters and others who operate raceways and speedways. The NFRM understands that Raceway Ministries groups and individuals are guests on the property of a speedway or raceway and, therefore, encourages each of its member ministries to relate to the people in a professional, courteous and sensitive manner, providing Christian ministry in a servant-like spirit. In addition, the NFRM values the timely communication of ministry activities and other information to appropriate speedway staff and personnel.

The NFRM values the variety of spiritual gifts, talents, abilities and opportunities that exist among the member ministries who participate. Every town, raceway, ministry person or group and opportunity to provide Christian ministry is different. Therefore, the NFRM respects these differences that exist and does not attempt to force upon any individual or group absolute conformity of ministry style or activity.

The NFRM values the availability of Raceway Ministries groups and individuals for all events – especially racing – at the speedway(s) or raceway(s) they serve.

The NFRM values sufficient training for counseling, trauma response and other specialized areas of ministry. In addition the NFRM values the training of both genders for both-gender trauma response.

The NFRM values the expression of ministry to as many groups as possible at each racing venue – fans, vendors, fire & rescue personnel, competitors – to the fullest extent allowed both by permission and by resources.

The NFRM values the integrity and credibility of ministry to the racing community. Therefore, while the NFRM values the variety and freedom of expression described above, it also understands that suggestions of words of caution, learned from experience and application of Biblical wisdom may be applicable from time to time, and may be offered to individuals or to local Raceway Ministries groups.

The NFRM values the relationship between itself and those who financially support the ministry through dues, contributions or grants. Therefore, the NFRM values the process of accountability and reporting to those who extend their support.