About John Roberts

October 10, 1951 – December 7, 2013

Kentucky Raceway Ministries’ co-founder John Roberts passed away on December 7, 2013. John was known and loved by many fans and staff at Kentucky Speedway. John was first introduced to Raceway Ministries while attending a race at Bristol Motor Speedway. He was excited to go back home and tell his wife Linda about attending a worship service at the track. After that encounter he discovered that tracks all across the country had active ministries that were meeting the spiritual and physical needs of fans attending races. Shortly thereafter the news came that a super-speedway would be built in Gallatin County. Through a Promise Keepers discussion about ways to minister to the community, John and co-founder J.T. Marsh set the wheels in motion to form Kentucky Raceway Ministries.

During this time, John was told that he would need a liver transplant. John was reluctant at first but after being told by his physician that his vision for Kentucky Raceway Ministries would not come to life if he didn’t have the transplant, John decided to go forward with the transplant. Kentucky Speedway opened in 2000 with John and J.T. present and ministering to fans in the campgrounds. Through his leadership as a North American Mission Board, Mission Service Corps Missionary from 2004 – 2013, John helped lead Kentucky Raceway Ministries to become a thriving ministry.

In 2007 John was appointed Kentucky Speedway Chaplain as he continued to lead Kentucky Raceway Ministries. One of John’s missions was to make sure that all fans heard about his Savior, Jesus Christ and the changes Jesus had made in his life. KRM honors John’s memory by supporting his vision through the John Roberts Bible memorial. Tens of thousands of racing themed New Testament Bibles have been distributed through various KRM outreaches. Your generous donation to KRM helps make this effort possible.