Frequently Asked Questions

What is KRM?

We are a volunteer raceway ministry group led by God to serve the needs of the raceway, the competitors and the fans in the spirit of Christian fellowship.

How big is the KRM at Kentucky Speedway?

At Kentucky Speedway on any given race weekend, there may be 200-plus volunteers throughout the campground and grandstands. Our ministry is interdenominational and available to anyone wishing to participate in our services, in need of counseling or just looking for fellowship.

What reward do you find serving with KRM?

Just being able to build the relationships we have being Christians and knowing that people can come to us knowing we will listen and pray with them.

What should I expect when arriving at Kentucky Speedway to volunteer?

Before arriving, we suggest taking a look at the website for the speedway at where you will find many resources from the basic schedule of events to a map of the facility.  Take a few moments to familiarize yourself and your group with the map as much of the facility is changing due to construction. Arrange ahead where, when and to whom you are to report.

Will I get to see the race?

No, it is very rare that a volunteer gets to see any part of the race. If you would like to attend the race and have purchased tickets, please communicate that with your Team Leader as far in advance as possible.

How should I prepare?

First, pray! Prepare yourself spiritually for the ministry that God has lead you to do. Second, prepare physically! Take a look at the weather forecast for Zip Code 41086, Sparta, Kentucky. Typically May can get a little chilly but June-August can be very hot, bring appropriate clothing. Also we recommend bringing ponchos for everyone as it has been common to get a few pop-up storms late in the hot summer afternoons.

  • Comfortable closed to shoes – no sandals or flip flops.
  • Blue jeans, chino/khaki pants, capris and modest length shorts.
  • Hats or visors without logos – KRM hats or visors are acceptable.

How long will I be doing this?

  • As long as you want. There is a place for you to serve whether you want to volunteer 1 hour or all day long. Communicate with your Team Leader how long you plan to stay as far in advance as possible.
  • At the campground: The campground ministry can be at least 8 hours at a time. Prepare to “hang-out” and be aware of your surroundings, ministry can happen at anytime, even when you least expect it.
  • In the Vendors Area: Plan to be there for 6 to 10 hours depending on the event. This is a fast paced environment where lots of literature is handed out and lots of fans are asking questions.
  • In the Grandstands: In most cases, this can be 6 to 12 hours depending again on the event. The environment in the grandstands requires you to be on your feet quite a bit. There are opportunities to sit and cool off on warmer days but it can be challenging as ministry opportunities are at every turn.

What time should I arrive?

Once you have been placed on a team, your Team Leader will contact you with more information about what time to arrive. Campground ministry begins very early in the morning and goes throughout the day. Other teams begin at different times throughout the day and minister up to the start of the race and through post race.

Will I have to purchase food to eat while volunteering?

No, meals are provided for volunteers. Most meals will be a sack lunch or hamburgers and hot dogs. You may bring your own snacks to have throughout the day. If you have any special dietary restrictions, it would be best to bring your own meal.

What should I bring with me?

  • A willing heart to do whatever is needed
  • A desire to meet people and tell them about Jesus
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm that contains sunscreen
  • Dress for the weather: poncho, rain coat, jacket, etc.

Will I just be doing a “task” or will I have a chance to witness to people?

KRM is a servant ministry so there are many tasks to be done throughout the day; however, ALL volunteers are encouraged to take every opportunity to tell others about Jesus whenever they can. The Evangelism Team is a great fit for anyone that wants to focus solely on meeting and witnessing to people.

What should I focus on at the track?

Focus should always be on serving the fans, much like Christ served his disciples, we have an obligation to our fellow man or in this case, fellow fan. Serve them, plant the seed and let God do the rest. Do not get frustrated when sharing the gospel, God’s word will not return void. Always have a servant attitude.

Additional focus areas…

  • Prayer
  • Volunteering
  • Getting fan information back to KRM leadership.
  • Prayer!