15th Anniversary!

Team KRM,

Wow! It’s unbelievable to think that we are celebrating our 15th season of Ministry at Kentucky Speedway. When John Roberts and I started out on this journey I believe that we knew on that very 1st weekend at the Speedway that God was with us. But like many of you have heard both of us say “God’s plan was far different from ours” “Our plan was to pass out a few tracts and go see the race”. I think our Lord is still laughing about those plans. Over the last 15 years I have seen how God changed the two of us and many others in and outside of the ministry along the way. He took two lay guys with absolutely no ministry experience and built a very powerful and dynamic ministry beyond anything I think any of us could have imagined.

God has been using us in a mighty ways at Kentucky Speedway and throughout the Tri-State region over the last 15 years. We have seen him take us from two volunteers to over 200, from two Church partners to over 70 Churches, four Associations, the Kentucky WMU through the KBC and many, many more. That first race 15 years ago we passed out some water and tracts along with a few Bibles. Since then we have distributed over 20,000 Bibles and hundreds of thousands of tracks/driver cards along with many cups and bottles of water. But God has done so much more than the numbers (which are staggering). He has set so many divine appointments in and out of His ministry and each has played a role in the growth of KRM. I think of Warnie who introduced John and I years ago, Melvin and Marvin who mentored John and I as God started to work, Dr. Roger Marsh (No relation) and Frank Starks that guided us in the early days. Bro. Tim Estes at Warsaw Baptist and Bro. Denny French at Paint Lick who got behind us and supported us early on when I am sure they thought we were out of our minds. Then, we added our first three associations as supporters.

We started out of a Promise Keepers group and those brothers who came out and served in those early days were the very first volunteers. I often watch in amazement at each of you and how some of you have grown so much in your walk while serving with KRM. The faithful prayer warriors, volunteers and supporters of KRM have become our family. Our partner the Kentucky Speedway has been amazing Mark, Karen, Pam and Julie have opened doors and opportunities for us making us the envy of a lot of other Raceway Ministries groups. If you have been around for several years you can only say “Wow” at how God has been able to bless this relationship with the entire Speedway community.

A while back I was speaking at a Church and a elderly lady came and introduced herself as “I am just one of your cookie bakers I don’t come out to the track it’s just not for me” . God has been able to use so many behind the scenes supporters like the Cookie Bakers in ways we couldn’t have imagined. He also has taken a lot of people who would say “The race track just isn’t for me” and made it their personal mission field. When God is in charge he can take each of us and those talents and gifts that he gave us and mix and blend them together and make the perfect recipe. Let us not take each other or any of our volunteers, supporters and cookie bakers for granted. Because of each of you are very special in God’s eyes and KRM wouldn’t be turning 15 without everyone doing their part in his Kingdom.

In a recent interview I was asked the question “Why do you do what you do?” Part of my answer was that I personally find it very difficult not to do this when so many of YOU are working so hard for KRM and for the Kingdom”. I see so many of your personal sacrifices during race weeks and throughout the year and it is very staggering and humbling to watch and see how God motivates each of you and Blesses KRM.

May God Bless Each of You, Your Family and Your Ministry
Phil. 4:13 “I can do all things through God who strengthens me”